Printing and marking of clothing

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Our company offers the highest quality clothing and accessories, incl. sweatshirts, bags, pants, t-shirts, t-shirts with any print and much more. We use both the entrusted and our own materials of the highest quality – with a high cotton content, in any color. Our products are very durable, thanks to which they do not get damaged in washing and keep their good appearance for a long time. Tell us what you want to mark and we will surely find an effective way.

We also offer printing on ready-made pieces, however, in this case, prior design consultation is necessary. Your own design is required to make a printed T-shirt, but what if you’re lacking inspiration? You can use the help of our experienced graphic designers who will help you implement your project.

Unique, individually designed T-shirts with their own imprint are a proposition not only for private persons, but also a recommended marketing tool.
We know that in business, a good-quality product and professional service are not everything. In order for a company to be successful on the market, it must attract the customer’s attention, attract them, show their best side. T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags or custom-made t-shirts with your own print are an original and more and more popular idea for such distinction. They can be used as work clothes or a nice gift for a client – how you use it depends only on you.

What types of prints do we offer?

Screen printing

Screen prints are made with the use of special screens, in which water paints or plastisols are used. The price of the print depends on the number of colors used in the project, the size of the print and the number of copies. Designing t-shirts with this method must be consistent and the entire design identical for the entire run, but you can change the color of the t-shirt and it will not affect the price. The most durable method of printing. Maximum print area: 50x50cm. In addition, it is a waterproof, cost-effective, weather-resistant and cost-effective printing method with high mechanical durability. However, it requires the necessity to prepare a matrix / sieve and is unprofitable for low expenditures (less than 50 pieces).

digital print

DTG (Direct To Garment printing) – Direct application of a pattern in the form of raster graphics (e.g. bmp, jpg) on textiles, mainly cotton, using a digital printer. Despite the relatively high cost, this technique allows obtaining a “breathable print” of full color with tonal transitions, which is characterized by high durability. The method is recommended for very small expenditures.

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