Computer embroidery

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EMBROIDERY on finished products

We embroider on ready-made sweatshirts, jackets, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, tracksuits, sweaters, bathrobes and many more …

EMBROIDERY ON cut out pattern

We embroider pockets, tabs, pleats, legs, sleeves, fronts, backs, inserts, uppers, and more …


We embroider patches, company and advertising emblems, patches, shields, specialist patches for the guard, police, army and other services …

laser cutting and engraving

Cutting applications for embroidery from various materials, and laser engraving.

What is computer embroidery?

Computer embroidery is a method of decorating fabrics, felt or leather by embroidering patterns on them with a needle and thread. Computer embroidery is also known as machine embroidery, advertising embroidery. It happens that people looking for, for example, embroidery on a fleece enter the Google search window – embroidery on clothing, patches on the fleece, embroidery, logo on the fleece, T-shirt with a logo, etc. Meanwhile, the correct name of the service is “computer embroidery”.
Computer (machine) embroidery begins in 1828. Today’s computer embroidery is performed by computer-controlled multi-head fast embroidery machines. Our machines of the renowned Japanese brand Tajima are able to embroider very precisely with a speed of up to 1200 stitches per minute.

We embroider on patterns and products entrusted by the client. In addition to traditional embroidery, we can embroider patches and emblems. High-class computer embroidery allows you to reproduce almost any design, from a small inscription on a patch to a large logo on a jacket. We have many years of experience in computer embroidery and qualified employees, which translates into the end result – our embroideries are perfect.

Computer embroidery production process

Embroidery on clothing or other material is a complex process, which consists of activities such as: creating a graphic design, translating a graphic design into a computer embroidery pattern understandable for an embroidery machine, making tests until the quality is satisfactory, and proper production.

All these activities require knowledge of embroidery technology, machine operation, pattern design and many years of experience in this industry.
We are glad that we can serve our clients at the highest level, guaranteeing high quality of services and products.

WHY should you choose EMBROIDERY?


Durability of the application

The advantage of embroidery over other methods of marking clothes is the durability of the embroidery; nothing breaks, does not crumble during washing, does not wipe and fade during use. The threads we embroider with are made of durable polyester silk. They can be washed even at 95 ° C and ironed at the highest temperature. The embroidery will certainly not discolor and will retain its durability and shine throughout its use.



Computer embroidery never loses its color, unlike other methods of marking clothes. Some improperly made prints lose the applied paint after a few or a dozen washes. This happens sometimes under the influence of light or other external factors – they lose their color – they become faded, with time not readable, and thus not very aesthetic. The color of the embroidery always remains the same – vivid and saturated.



Another important advantage that speaks in favor of computer embroidery is that computer embroidery allows almost complete freedom in the implementation of a given project. With the technique of computer embroidery, you can make your own design, use our database of ready-made embroidery, but also commission us to develop such a project. In such cases, we always prepare several versions of it and, being in constant contact with you, agree on the details and its final appearance.

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